John and Jane Hayes Family Organization Logo Dedicated to LuRena Hayes Johnson, 1886-1969, daughter of John Phipps Hayes and Eleanor Jane Hayes, who spent a lifetime searching for our Irish roots, and whose devotion to family history built the foundation for our Hayes Family Organization.

About JHFO

The John & Jane Hayes of Clonakilty Family Organization (see John & Jane Who? - pdf format) was formed in 1974 by interested family members with the goals of bringing family members together, furthering genealogical research, sharing historical and biographical information, and pooling financial resources. The name of John & Jane Hayes of Clonakilty Family Organization (JHFO) was chosen to include both John & Jane's sons who emigrated to Utah, George and John Joseph Hayes. For many years annual family reunions were held, newsletters sent, and some major projects undertaken. The most noteworthy of these was the handsome grave marker placed on the Hayes family plot in Pleasant Grove where many of our ancestors are buried.

After 27 years, we began to wonder if people had lost interest in family reunions, since we are now six generations away from our immigrant ancestors, and we raised the question at our 2001 gathering. Surprisingly, the vote was a resounding yes in favor of reunions, but it was decided to have a reunion every three years instead of annually, elect a reunion chairman, and appoint family representatives to help with the reunion. The next family reunion will be held in 2004. Since we will no longer meet annually, we decided to establish a website as a means of communicating with family members.

Many thanks to our Webmaster, Josh R., who has made this site possible. Josh is a web developer for Zions Securities Corporation and also has a side video production business (see Josh is a descendant of John Joseph and Rachel Eleanor Wagstaff AND George Hayes and Frances Phipps (the two Hayes brothers who came to Utah, see John & Jane Who?). This is because George Hayes' son (John Phipps) married John Joseph's daughter Eleanor Hayes, (they were first cousins - see 3 generation family tree and find out where you fit in!). It's kind of confusing. Just look at the three generation chart, find George Henry Hayes (who married Cora Thornton) and trace it back from there. George Henry is the tall guy in this picture. John Phipps Hayes, George Henry's father, is on the left and Eleanor is in the middle. See if you can figure out the other people. See the picture library for more pictures.

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