John and Jane Hayes Family Organization Logo Dedicated to LuRena Hayes Johnson, 1886-1969, daughter of John Phipps Hayes and Eleanor Jane Hayes, who spent a lifetime searching for our Irish roots, and whose devotion to family history built the foundation for our Hayes Family Organization.

Welcome to the official site of the John and Jane Hayes of Clonakilty Family Organization (JHFO)
Who's John and Jane Hayes?  (pdf format)
DVD now available:

At our last reunion (July 3rd, 2004) we were excited to introduce a new DVD movie entitled "John and Jane Hayes of Clonakilty: The Founders of Our Family." See a preview of the movie! (scroll down to the bottom of the page after clicking the link). The movie can be purchased for $10.00. The movie is about 20 minutes long and tells the story of how John Joseph and his brother George Hayes came to join the LDS church and settle in Utah.
Click here to download the order form for the DVD. (PDF Document)

Special offer for Hayes Family Organization Members

Opportunity to get your slides scanned to CD's professionally (and inexpensive!)
Click here for details (PDF Document)

We now have 7 CD's of biographies and pictures available. The CD's are sorted by family line. For more information on how to obtain one or more CD's, click here.

We hope this site will help us keep in contact with our extended Hayes family, be the means of sharing genealogical and historical information, keep memories of our ancestors alive, and awaken interest among younger family members. We welcome your comments, ideas, and suggestions for improvement.

The majority of our recent efforts have been spent on compliling information for the CD's, so you may notice that a few of the pages on this site are not finished or do not contain any information yet. To keep you from having to click all over, the list below shows you which pages on this site currently have information. (You can return to the home page by clicking the logo in the upper left corner): A note from Josh (the webmaster)

I realize that many of the pages on this website either do not exist, are incomplete, or are outdated. However, I do think that this site is full of useful information - particularly the picture library. I find it difficult to find the time to review and update this site, so any help I can get is greatly appreciated. If you send me information or ideas about the website, I will try to accomodate your suggestions as soon as possible. You can leave me comments here. If nothing else, I will generally respond to your comments within 24 hours.

Currently, I am working on a large slide scanning project, and I am scanning slides for people for very cheap ($0.25) per slide. I am only charging this much until I have paid off the slide scanning equipment, so if you are interested in getting in on this deal, please let me know as soon as possible. Click here for more details.

I am definitely very excited about this site and about my Hayes ancestors (if you're interested, you can see where I fit in in the third paragraph on this page.). I hope that as you browse around this site, read some stories, and look at some pictures that you will catch the excitement too. If there is anything you'd like to see on this site or if you find any errors, please let me know.

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